IE is the perfect gift to share.

Working with our Ingle Eats community puts us in contact with so many thoughtful and generous people! Just last week, we were able to deliver food from a customer to a family who just brought a new baby home - the mom was overjoyed with a prepared meal brought to her doorstep! Today, a tennis team contacted us to provide food for a fellow member who just had knee surgery. And on the occasion when there is a death in a family, we have had the honor of providing a meal for loved ones. Keep Ingle Eats on your gift giving list when a new neighbor moves on your street - a Rise N Shine can help you welcome them with open arms!

Joan and Shannon

DIY Kits

ROASTED SHRIMP WITH FETA on spaghetti squash or angel hair - an Ina-inspired recipe with Gulf shrimp, cooked in a sauce of wine, garlic, lemon, fennel, and a bit of tomato and topped with feta, parsley and lemon zest. Lawsy! SERVES 4, $35

SMOKED SALMON (OR ROAST CHICKEN) ON ARUGULA with a lemon-caper vinaigrette - think of this as a salad form of a smoked salmon platter! Included are red onion, cucumber, everything but the bagel croutons, and cream cheese. This one is a show-stopper. SERVES 4, $35

SHREDDED PORK NACHOS - smoked pulled pork, black beans, tomatoes, red onion, jalapeños, cilantro and white queso. SERVES 4-6 APPETIZER PORTIONS, $25

Freezer Friendly

THE DUKE - John Wayne loved a good casserole! This one has a biscuit crust, a spicy meat layer, sliced tomatoes, jalapenos, and a creamy cheese crown. Perfect for a weeknight dinner with a good salad. Freezes very well! SERVES 4-6, $30

CHEESY CHICKEN STUFFED POBLANOS - shredded chicken breast, cheese, corn and black bean-filled roasted poblano peppers served with a smoky tomato sauce. SERVES 4, $30 GF


ROAST CHICKEN WITH TOMATO CONFIT /känˈfē/ and orzo - bone-in roasted chicken halves are coupled with our new favorite side, slow roasted cherry tomatoes and garlic known as tomato confit, with a side of DIY orzo. Beautiful! SMALL, SERVES 2, $20; LARGE - SOLD OUT, SERVES 4, $40

VERY LIMITED SUPPLY! ASPARAGUS AND BACON PIE with tomato and sweet onion - a spin off our BLT Pie, but with asparagus and goat cheese. You’re not gonna want to miss this one. SERVES 6, $30

SWISS CHEESE ONION DIP - sweet onions with Swiss cheese and a touch of bacon baked together in a bread bowl or warm and serve with pita chips. Simple but amazing! SERVES 4 APPETIZER PORTIONS, $15

TWICE BAKED CAULIFLOWER - our decadent side dish of cauliflower rice with plenty of cheddar and cream cheese, topped with bacon and green onions. SERVES 4-6, $25

IE CHICKEN POT PIE - shredded chicken breast, peas and carrots topped with a buttery biscuit crust. SMALL, SERVES 3, $20

Breakfast & Baked Goods

CINNAMON SCONES - cinnamon scones with cream cheese icing - 8 SCONES, $15



IE GRANOLA - oats, coconut, dried fruit, honey and nuts make this breakfast treat a welcome addition to your yogurt and acai bowls. 1 QUART, $15

CHOCOLATE CHUNK COOKIE DOUGH BALLS - this take and bake frozen cookie dough comes to you in pre-portioned balls and packaged in a kraft paper box with parchment. A perfect gift or dessert for your own family dinner. Baked by you so that they’re crisp on the outside and creamy on the inside. ONE DOZEN FROZEN COOKIE DOUGH BALLS, $18; HALF DOZEN, $10

JODY’S BLUEBERRY TORTE - buttery and sweet, this simple blueberry torte is just the perfect ending to any Ingle Eats meal! Serve with vanilla ice cream. SERVES 4-6, $15

THE MAMA MIA FRITTATA - our new crustless, gluten-free, vegetarian egg dish made with roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, power greens, feta and Greek seasoning. Perfect for breakfast or anytime of the day!  SERVES 3, $20, GF

RISE AND SHINE BREAKFAST CASSEROLE - Breakfast sausage, eggs, and hash browns layered with 3 cheeses and green chiles for extra kick!  Serve with your favorite salsa!   SMALL SERVES 4, $20, LARGE, SERVES 8-10,$35. GF

IE BREAKFAST BALLSchocolate chips and dried blueberries combined with oats, almonds, flax seeds, chia seeds, honey and peanut butter. 16 BREAKFAST BALLS, $15

IE ALMOND BUTTER BALLSsame great breakfast ball, but made with almond butter. 16 BALLS, $17

A la Carte


CHIPOTLE BUTTERMILK DRESSING in a hinged bottle - 12 ounces, $14

Ingle Eats eGift Certificates

Give friends, family, teachers, and neighbors a night off of cooking with Ingle Eats eGift Certificates. Available in values of $15 to $500. 


Pick up is on Thursday from 2-6 pm at 625 S. Acadian Thruway (the old Unique Cuisine). Enter rear of building on Cole Drive.